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A healthy outside starts from the inside. ~Robert Urich

Equal opportunity, easy accessibility and healthier living all lie at the core of Health Connects’ initiatives.  Being healthy should be the easy and affordable option, and programs today are making this possible for families all throughout the United States.  Farmers markets and fresh produce providers, including EBT-accepting programs, have begun to emerge around the nation.  A primary aim of Health Connects is to combine these separate initiatives all around the U.S. into a single database, in order to provide you and your family with easier access to information about fresh, affordable and healthier food in and around your community.

Perhaps you want to be able to make a weekly trip to a local Farmer’s market.  Maybe you’re interested in learning how to order food from a local farm, or about discovering agriculture programs near you.  Or, it could just be that you want to discover new ways to make easy, fresh and deliciously healthy meals for you and your family.  For any one of these reasons, and many more, Health Connects can point you in the right direction and hopefully inspire you to share healthy ideals with your friends and loved ones to increase our nation’s health–one meal at a time.

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