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A university student with a passion for improving healthy-eating through increasing accessibility and affordability around the United States.

Pita Extreme

A delicious and healthy combination of hummus and pesto

Who doesn’t love a casual pita and hummus break?  Add some pesto, tomato, basil, cheese, ham and rocket into the mix and you’ve got yourself one fine snack that you won’t regret.  Whether you’re pressed for time or simply just want to make yourself an unbelievably delicious meal in just a few minutes, definitely give this a try.

To start, generously spread some hummus overtop a piece of pita.  Next, do the same with green pesto.  Now set the pita aside for later.  Put some oil in a skillet, along with a handful of cut up peppered rocket leaves and ham.  While the ham and rocket are heating up, chop up some tomatoes and sprinkle them with basil.  Put cheese on top of the hummus and green pesto, and the tomatoes over the cheese.

Once the rocket and ham are nicely heated, put them over top of your current pita combination.  Just to warm up the whole pita before serving, put a bit more oil into the skillet and place the pita-with-everything-on-top into the skillet for 1-3 minutes.  Sprinkle the whole thing with a bit of basil and garlic powder to flavor and enjoy a surprisingly simple and delicious snack.

Great with a little wine—white or red!

You will need:

Pita bread


Green Pesto

Peppered rocket leaves


Cheese (I used cheddar but anything goes)

Basil and garlic to sprinkle

Tomato slices

What’s the best part?  It takes less than 15 minutes to do all of this, eating included.  You can easily substitute the ham with chicken, or make it vegetarian with adding more vegetables instead!



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